Olympus Surgical Technologies Southborough

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Southborough, MA facility, serves as headquarters for the Olympus Surgical Technologies America manufacturing business center. Founded in 2002, this facility originally headquartered endoscope and video equipment manufacturer, Circon Corporation, prior to its acquisition by Gyrus Group PLC in 2005. Today, the site employs over 100 employees in the areas of research and development, marketing, supply chain management, finance, legal, IT, human resources, and administration..

The Southborough facility represents the competence center for urology and a focus area of stone management and lithotripsy. It is here where Olympus Surgical Technologies America upholds a legacy of innovation initiated by ACMI when it became the first company to develop both temperature sensitive and dual durometer stents for the Urology market. Moving forward, the facility will continue to focus on improving minimally invasive medicine and technology for Urologists on a global scale.

USA Headquarters
Olympus Surgical Technologies America
136 Turnpike Road
Southborough, MA 01772-2104
Phone:  508.804.2600
Fax:  508.804.2624


Olympus Surgical Technologies Maple Grove

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Maple Grove, MN facility was founded as Everest Medical with the mission of providing safer electrosurgical instrumentation in 1983. Everest Medical received its first significant funding to develop a proprietary bipolar electrosurgical cutting instrument in 1986 and entered the emerging laparoscopy market with the world’s first single-use bipolar forceps and bipolar scissors. In 2000, the group was acquired by Gyrus Group PLC and shortly after launched its PlasmaKinetic™ Tissue Management System and the name changed from Everest Medical to Gyrus Medical, Inc. The Gyrus Group PLC acquired ACMI in 2005 and the ACMI plant in Racine, WI was integrated into Maple Grove adding an additional building to the site as well as the hiring of more than 100 employees. The last acquisition was in 2008 when Olympus acquired Gyrus ACMI®, Inc. Today, the Maple Grove facility employs approximately 315 employees within manufacturing, R&D, Marketing, Quality, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance, IT, Customer Service, Distribution, Repair, Technical Service, and Complaint Handling.

Maple Grove represents the competence center for the development and production of single use electrosurgical devices with production applications which include bonding, mechanical assembly, soldering, ultrasonic and laser welding, plastics, injection molding, and the development of manufacturing equipment. 

Olympus Surgical Technologies America
6655 Wedgwood Road, Suite 160
Maple Grove, MN 55311-3602
TEL: (763) 416-3000
FAX: (763) 463-1200


Olympus Surgical Technologies Norwalk

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Norwalk, OH facility began operations in 1956 as ACMI (American Cystoscope Makers, Inc.) Wappler Instrument Company to address the expanding demand for Minimally Invasive surgical instruments within specialties such as urology, endourology, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, gastroenterology and laryngoscopy. The facility has been very responsive to the ever changing nature of the market, adding digital instruments and fluid management to its portfolio of products in recent years. The new focus of becoming a Core Component Center has been embraced and is rapidly progressing with the addition of key machining, EDM, laser and lens manufacturing improvements in support of the future product and component needs of the corporation. Today, the Norwalk facility employs approximately 150 employees and is supported with onsite manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, R&D, finance, IT and human resources.

Norwalk has production applications and repair operations in areas including mechanical assembly, Multi-Axis Machinin, rod-lens polishing & grinding, and laser welding & marking.

Olympus Surgical Technologies America
93 N. Pleasant Street
Norwalk, Ohio  44857
TEL: (419) 668-8201
FAX: (419) 660-4195


Olympus Surgical Technologies Bartlett

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Bartlett, TN facility is home to the Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) group which has a long history in the Otolaryngology market. The division began in the 1930s as Richards Manufacturing, and was the first to develop and sell pressure equalization tubes and implants for the middle ear. The facility manufactures products for use in both the operating room and office settings and supports the functional areas of manufacturing, service, warehouse distribution, finance, marketing, R&D, quality, and Sales & Customer Support.

Bartlett represents the competence center for Ear, Nose & Throat with focus areas in advanced visualization and treatment products for Head & Neck, Pediatric ENT, Laryngology, Otology, Sleep, and Rhinology.

Olympus Surgical Technologies America
2925 Appling Road
Bartlett, TN  38133
TEL: 901.373.0200
FAX:  901.373.0220


Olympus Surgical Technologies Stamford

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Stamford, CT facility began operations in 1974 after transferring its operations from New York City to Stamford, CT. Through its manufacturing and R&D efforts, it was a major pioneer and innovator in the field of fiber optics and flexible endoscopy. For many years the company developed, patented, and melted its own glass for use in fiber optics and industrial applications. These industrial applications included specialty glasses for night vision goggles used in military applications.

The Stamford facility employs approximately 150 employees, most in manufacturing, and is supported with onsite R&D, and administrative functions. Current production, including repair operations, includes micro lens assembly, mechanical assembly, and high precision optical manufacturing.    

Olympus Surgical Technologies America
300 Stillwater Avenue 
Stamford, CT 06902-3695 
TEL: (203) 357-8300 
FAX: (203) 328-8618


Olympus Surgical Technologies Nesher

Olympus Surgical Technologies America’s Nesher, Israel facility, serves as Global Research Center for Olympus Medical Group. Founded in 1999, this facility originally developed and manufactured miniature distal tip video endoscopes. The site employs 40 employees specializing in the research of imaging algorithms and new concepts for surgical tools. Research activities are supported by local IP, HR, finance, IT, supply chain, prototyping and administrative functions.

Olympus Surgical Technologies Nesher
19 Hamesila St.
Nesher, ISRAEL 36885
Phone:  +972 4 8200 578
Fax:  +972 4 820 7974